Monday, February 7, 2011

long time no updates... sigh!

Yesterday I've received my SKCC (Straight Key Century Club) member #7677. Credit to 9M2ZAK (Zaki) who introduced me to the club through his blogsite For further info you can check club website at, registration is free!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

They used to call me SPARKY!

Spark, RO (Radio Officer), Chief Radio, Marconi Man, etc... its all the same!

Why Sparky?
According to Wiki, Sparky is a common nickname for people and animals (?). It is often used as a slang term (including military slang) for a radio operator, mechanic, or electrician. It may also reflect a particularly clever person, a sparkling personality, a personal anecdote involving electronic equipment, or other concepts related to the idea of sparks. In aviation a sparky is a pilot that has done a gear-up landing!

Now I know... after so many years

... more posts when I'm free :)